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Phase adjustable Adapter

Precision phase adjustable adapters, DC to 26.0 GHz. Impedance of 50 Ohms is maintained over the full adjustment range. Read More >>

Right Angle

2.4mm Adapter in the Frequency Range to DC 50GHz. VSWR 1.35 : 1 max. to 50.0 GHz, optional 1.25:1. Insertion Loss... Read More >>

Spectrum Flex

Spectrum Flex is a flexible cable that can be terminated with any standard Semi Rigit Cable Connector. Durable construction... Read More >>

Phase Adjuster

Phase Adjuster using N-Type Connector. Part-No. LS-0118-5161. Interface/Sex N-male to N-female. Frequency DC to 18.0 GHz. VSWR... Read More >>

High Power Adapters

High Power Adapters, Types N and TNC. Interface/Sex N and TNC. Impedance 50 Ohms. Frequency DC to 10.0, 12.4 and 18.0 GHz. VSWR... Read More >>

Hermetically Sealed Adapter

Hermetically Sealed Adapters 2.92mm, TNC, N, Feedthroughs with venting holes for Vacuum Test Chambers. Interface Mating Dimensions... Read More >>

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Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave Components in the Frequency Range to DC 65GHz. The Products are published in eight individual catalogs, showing detailed information and comprehensive data.

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